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Ask questions. This list may help you start a discussion with your kids.

  • Have you ever witnessed bullying or cyberbullying? If so, what did you see? What did you do?
  • Who tends to bully? What do you think is going on in a bully’s mind? What is going on in the mind of someone being bullied?
  • What’s being done about bullying in your school?
  • What are some effective ways to step in when someone is being bullied? How would you want others to step in if or when someone is bullying you?
  • If a person were bullied, what would it be like for people to step in and help?
  • What are some easy ways to encourage others?
  • Why do you think cyberbullying is common?
  • How can we use technology in more positive ways?
  • In a recent study, eight out of ten kids said they had gone out of their way to do something kind for another kid who was having a difficult time. What type of things could be done for you or others?
  • What stops you from finding help for yourself or another person being bullied?
  • What are some resources at your school for people who are being bullied? Who needs to know about the bullying to be able to help? What does it mean to be interdependent?
  • How can we pray about bullying?

You’re beginning to hear a theme: talk about it with your kids. Whatever the “it” is, talking about it occasionally, frequently, in-depth, or in passing keeps you connected to your children, so find the time and the best way to do so.

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