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You can use the following Seven Traits of Effective Parenting to remind yourself of what’s most important as you prepare your child for the ups and downs of life.

You can see a short summary of each of the 7 Traits below, or check out this article series to dig a little deeper into each parenting trait.

  1. Love, despite our imperfections, is seen in daily sacrifices, sincere attention, connected experiences, and God’s perfecting.
  2. Respect is built out of a foundation of love, which requires give-and-take, much like a dance, recognizing through humility the uniqueness and importance of self and others through God’s eyes.
  3. Boundaries with love and respect are essential to attain true freedom in Christ, through discipline and limits to inspire growth, trust, and healthy decision-making.
  4. Grace and Forgiveness give us freedom from shame, so we can step into who God has called us to be, what God has called us to do, and continue His ministry of reconciliation.
  5. Intentionality is the pursuit of an authentic relationship with God and each other through discipline, balance, and family values.
  6. Gratitude facilitates humility and a receptive heart that is prepared to lead, guide, communicate, connect, respond, and resolve conflict. Gratitude is the gateway to kindness.
  7. Adaptability is the ability to adjust to whatever life brings and a willingness to embrace and respond to the stress that comes with parenting.

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