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Have Boundaries for Your Entire Family

Be proactive, clear, and wise by setting parameters on screen usage from the very beginning. You will need to consistently reinforce and revisit those boundaries as well.

Countless preteens and teens very much act like addicts who need a fix. The deeper they become entrenched in their video usage of choice, the more disconnected, anxious, stressed, and depressed they become. In most of the cases, rules and limits weren’t laid out on the front end, when they first received the devices. Creating boundaries after your kids have had full rein means parents will usually have more backlash and rebellion. As a parent, you can become intimidated or afraid of the emotional turmoil and conflict that comes from your kids’ unpleasant reactions. It’s easy to tiptoe around limits. But for the good of your family, learn to be firm and stand strong, even when you get angry responses from your kids.

Model Appropriate Use

Do you watch hours of television, spend hours on social media, or incessantly check your phone? Why do you expect anything different from your kids? The limits we place on our kids will be most effective if they’re the same limits we consistently practice ourselves. As you practice moderating your use, your kids will more likely accept the limits you place on them.

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